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Curriculum Vitae

Hrvatska verzija je ovdje.

Personal Data

Name and surname: Slaven Brumec
Address: Radnička 42, Beletinec, HR-42214
Birth date: 1976-09-24

Work Places

2010, June - present:

  • Koris d.o.o.: programmer, IT & BPMN consultant
  • I’m a lecturer at the University College Algebra on the course of Business Process Modeling. I also used to teach business mobile application development on Windows Mobile / Windows CE platform. In the rank of lecturer I was elected in 2013.

2006, November - 2010, May:

  • APIS IT d.o.o., programmer.

2001, June - 2006, October:

  • IN2 d.o.o, programer.

2000, January - 2000, April

  • UNHCR Zagreb, computer technician

Education and Certificates

2012, April:

Slaven Brumec: OCEB

2011, July:

2002, November - 2009, February


Slaven Brumec: MCSD

  • MCSD certificate. Overview of my exams and certificates for Microsoft technologije is here. Transcript ID: 734531, Access Code: SlavenBrumec (Access Code is case-sensitive).

1995, rujan - 2001, travanj:

Foreign Languages

  • English: good (5th degree).
  • German: basics.
  • French: basics.
  • I can read Cyrillic script.

Knowledge and Skills

Development Tools and Programming Languages

Business process modeling:
  • Excellent knowledge of business process modeling (according to BPMN standard) and business process simulation.
  • Excellent knowledge of Bizagi Process Modeler and Bizagi Studio, including development of process-oriented applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of IBM WebSphere Business Modeler for business process modeling and simulation.
  • Working knowledge of other tools for business process modeling and development of process-oriented applications (Camunda Modeler, Bonita BPM).
RAD tools:
  • Working knowledge of Oracle APEX.
  • Excellent knowledge Windows Forms.
Mobile development:
  • I have working knowledge of Android Studio and I have developed some business applications for Android in Java.
  • Excellent knowledge of business application development for Windows CE / Windows Mobile platform on .Net Compact Framework technology in C# programming language.
  • Working knowledge of Python - Django.
  • Excellent knowledge of jQuery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Excellent knowledge of ASP.NET, especially WebForms.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML and REST web-services in ASP.NET and WCF technology.
  • Excellent knowledge of ASP Classic.
Programming languages:
  • Excellent knowledge of C#.
  • Excellent knowledge of Visual Basic 6.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge of Java for Android.
  • Working knowledge of Python.
  • Working knowledge o C (for Arduino microcontroller).
  • Broad and deep knowledge of relational models and databases.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS SQL and Transact-SQL.
  • Working knowledge of Oracle Express and PL/SQL.
  • Working knowledge of PostgreSQL.
  • Working knowledge of so-called NoSQL databases, especially Azure Table, Queue, and Blob storage.

I’m very interested in electronics and information technologies, including free and open source software. If I don’t know something, but need it for business or hobby, I can learn it very fast.

Work Experience

2010, June - present, Koris:

  • Consultant and programmer in further development and extending of information system SEOP. I designed SEOP extensions for tracking all tickets (not just preferential ones) and proposed SEOP’s integration with other systems in public information infrastructure. I developed a library for reading islander cards (hr. otočna iskzanica) on Android platform.
  • Programmer, software architect, and lead developer of prototype information system ISCP: The Sales Information System for Strictly Controlled Products. ISCP is intended for sales supervision of legal, but controlled substances and products: alcoholic beverages in Islamic countries, firearms and ammunition, explosives, pesticides, etc. Read more…
  • IT i BPMN consultant and designer of future information system SOTAH for central processing of tachographic data. Read more…
  • Programmer, software architect, and lead developer of information system SEOP for management of preferential voyages in maritime transport. Read more…
  • Designer of information system SEOP for management of preferential voyages in maritime transport. Read more…
  • IT & BPMN consultant in the project of health registers integration ordered by Croatian Institute for Public Health.
  • BPMN consultant in the project of business process reengineering in the Croatian Health Insure Fund. Read more…
  • Lecturer at the University College Algebra on two courses: one about business mobile application development, and the other about business process modeling, simulation, and process application development.
  • Designer of document management system in Croatian Employment Service. Read more…
  • Web-application developer (as freelancer) in ASP.NET technology.
  • ILBA lecturer on business process modeling and process-oriented application development. Read more…

2006, November - 2010, May, APIS IT:

  • Member of the team for reengineering of Zagreb Cadastre information system. I was software architect and application developer. We used ASP.NET 2.0 and Oracle DB.
  • Member of the team for developing Zagreb Spatial Data Infrastructure.

2007, October - present, Ellabo, associate:

  • Programmer, software architect, IT consultant and user educator for mobile warehousing information system Mob Trenis in the company Ellabo. Read more…

2001, April - 2006, October, IN2:

Developer in Microsoft technologies ASP classic, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server, MS Access, and ASP.NET 1.x with C#; user educator. Responsibilities:

  • Information system programming in Croatian Employment Service.
  • Web-application development.
  • Tech support.
  • Development of office utilities for the Croatian Notary Chamber.
  • Database administration and maintenance.
  • Participation in development of prototype information system for health insurance companies.
  • Associate of company Koris in development of mobile application for Pocket PC intended for usage by police patrols for discovering uninsured vehicles in traffic and fines’ collection recording. Technologies used: SQL Server, SQL Server CE, .NET Compact Framework 1.x, and C#.

2000, UNHCR Zagreb:

  • Computer technician in charge of workstations’ maintenance and users’ IT education.

Other Interests and Activities

čmelica I’m a beekeeper and a science fiction fan. I love some outdoors activities such as biking, trekking, swimming, free diving, kayaking, and archery. I appreciate good role-playing games and turn-based strategies, both on computer and board. I’m father of two boys. I served my homeland as a signaller.