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Curriculum Vitae

Hrvatska verzija je ovdje.

Personal Data

Name and surname: Slaven Brumec
Address: Radnička 42, Beletinec, HR-42214
Birth date: 1976-09-24

Work Places

2010, June - present:

  • Koris d.o.o.: programmer, IT & BPMN consultant
  • I’m a lecturer at the University College Algebra on the course of Business Process Modeling. I also used to teach business mobile application development on Windows Mobile / Windows CE platform. In the rank of lecturer I was elected in 2013.

2006, November - 2010, May:

  • APIS IT d.o.o., programmer.

2001, June - 2006, October:

  • IN2 d.o.o, programer.

2000, January - 2000, April

  • UNHCR Zagreb, computer technician

Education and Certificates

2012, April:

Slaven Brumec: OCEB

2011, July:

2002, November - 2009, February


Slaven Brumec: MCSD

  • MCSD certificate. Overview of my exams and certificates for Microsoft technologije is here. Transcript ID: 734531, Access Code: SlavenBrumec (Access Code is case-sensitive).

1995, rujan - 2001, travanj:

Foreign Languages

  • English: good (5th degree).
  • German: basics.
  • French: basics.
  • I can read Cyrillic script.

Knowledge and Skills

Development Tools and Programming Languages

Business process modeling:
  • Excellent knowledge of business process modeling (according to BPMN standard) and business process simulation.
  • Excellent knowledge of Bizagi Process Modeler and Bizagi Studio, including development of process-oriented applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of IBM WebSphere Business Modeler for business process modeling and simulation.
  • Working knowledge of other tools for business process modeling and development of process-oriented applications (Camunda Modeler, Bonita BPM).
RAD tools:
  • Excellent knowledge Windows Forms.
  • Working knowledge of Oracle APEX.
Mobile development:
  • Excellent knowledge of business application development for Windows CE / Windows Mobile platform on .Net Compact Framework technology in C# programming language.
  • Proficiency in Android Studio and I have developed some business applications for Android in Java.
  • Proficiency in Python - Django and Django REST Framework.
  • Proficiency in Angular 2+.
  • Proficiency in jQuery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Excellent knowledge of ASP.NET, especially WebForms.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML and REST web-services in ASP.NET and WCF technology.
  • Excellent knowledge of ASP Classic.
Programming languages:
  • Excellent knowledge of C#.
  • Excellent knowledge of Visual Basic 6.
  • Proficiency in Java for Android.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Proficiency in TypeScript.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge of C (for Arduino microcontroller).
  • Broad and deep knowledge of relational models and databases.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS SQL and Transact-SQL.
  • Proficiency in PostgreSQL.
  • Working knowledge of so-called NoSQL databases, especially Azure Table, Queue, and Blob storage.

I’m very interested in electronics and information technologies, including free and open source software. If I don’t know something, but need it for business or hobby, I can learn it very fast.

Work Experience

2010, June - present, Koris:

  • Business application developer on Angular 5 and Java Spring Boot platform.
  • Consultant and programmer in further development and extending of information system SEOP:
    • I designed SEOP extensions for tracking all tickets (not just preferential ones) and proposed SEOP’s integration with other systems in public information infrastructure.
    • I developed a library for reading islander cards (hr. otočna iskaznica) on Android platform.
  • Programmer and software architect in development of prototype information system K2 for working with members of professional chambers. K2 is completely based on free and open source software. On potential customers’ demand I can always show live demo. Implementation:
    • Ubuntu Linux server
    • uWSGI application server i nginx web-server
    • PostgreSQL database
    • Django REST Framework (Python) for REST web-services on server side
    • Angular 6 (TypeScript) web-application of SPA type (Single-Page Application) on client side
  • Programmer, software architect, and lead developer of prototype information system ISCP: The Sales Information System for Strictly Controlled Products. ISCP is intended for sales supervision of legal, but controlled substances and products: alcoholic beverages in Islamic countries, firearms and ammunition, explosives, pesticides, etc. Read more…
  • IT i BPMN consultant and designer of future information system SOTAH for central processing of tachographic data. Read more…
  • Programmer, software architect, and lead developer of information system SEOP for management of preferential voyages in maritime transport. Read more…
  • Designer of information system SEOP for management of preferential voyages in maritime transport. Read more…
  • IT & BPMN consultant in the project of health registers integration ordered by Croatian Institute for Public Health.
  • BPMN consultant in the project of business process reengineering in the Croatian Health Insure Fund. Read more…
  • Lecturer at the University College Algebra on two courses: one about business mobile application development, and the other about business process modeling, simulation, and process application development.
  • Designer of document management system in Croatian Employment Service. Read more…
  • Web-application developer (as freelancer) in ASP.NET technology.
  • ILBA lecturer on business process modeling and process-oriented application development. Read more…

2006, November - 2010, May, APIS IT:

  • Member of the team for reengineering of Zagreb Cadastre information system. I was software architect and application developer. We used ASP.NET 2.0 and Oracle DB.
  • Member of the team for developing Zagreb Spatial Data Infrastructure.

2007, October - present, Ellabo, associate:

  • Programmer, software architect, IT consultant and user educator for mobile warehousing information system Mob Trenis in the company Ellabo. Read more…

2001, April - 2006, October, IN2:

Developer in Microsoft technologies ASP classic, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server, MS Access, and ASP.NET 1.x with C#; user educator. Responsibilities:

  • Information system programming in Croatian Employment Service.
  • Web-application development.
  • Tech support.
  • Development of office utilities for the Croatian Notary Chamber.
  • Database administration and maintenance.
  • Participation in development of prototype information system for health insurance companies.
  • Associate of company Koris in development of mobile application for Pocket PC intended for usage by police patrols for discovering uninsured vehicles in traffic and fines’ collection recording. Technologies used: SQL Server, SQL Server CE, .NET Compact Framework 1.x, and C#.

2000, UNHCR Zagreb:

  • Computer technician in charge of workstations’ maintenance and users’ IT education.

Other Interests and Activities

čmelica I’m a beekeeper and a science fiction fan. I love some outdoors activities such as biking, trekking, swimming, free diving, kayaking, and archery. I appreciate good role-playing games and turn-based strategies, both on computer and board. I’m father of two boys. I served my homeland as a signaller.