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Identifying Mobile Processes in a Complex Information System Owing to the technical development of information and communication technologies, extensive information technology support to mobile business processes has been provided. The principal feature of these processes is changeability of the location at which certain process activities are performed combined with actor mobility. Modern information systems ought to equally support stationary and mobile processes, wherein the latter are executed in a dislocated manner regarding a particular organization’s stationary information technology resources. Such information systems cannot be successfully developed by merely adding mobile hardware and software components to a static information system. For mobile technologies potential to be fully exploited, reengineering of an organization’s business processes is required. In addition, the new information system needs to be developed comprehensively thus ensuring that those business processes are selected in which the usage of mobile technologies is justified. Identifying those – tentatively called ‘mobile’ – processes is the first step in mobile information systems design.

In this paper the concepts of mobile business systems and mobile information systems are first defined, followed by an overview of researchers involved in their design. It is in that context that a new methodology is proposed, called Mobile Process Recognition Method–MPRM. This methodology, enabling reliable mobile process identification within the entire set of an organization’s business processes, is particularly suitable for team work with business users during the initial stage of mobile information systems design.

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